Coping Mechanisms for Mesothelioma Patients and Their Families

Finding support for the emotional, financial and legal issues associated with mesothelioma

As more and more people have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases, all types of support have also become available for patients and their families.  There are many medical, emotional, financial and legal issues created by a mesothelioma diagnosis in the family.  It can be overwhelming learning how to cope with them all.  Fortunately, help is available. 

For the patient, of course, the most important thing is medical treatment.  Although doctors still have not found a cure for mesothelioma, there have been many helpful medical developments to assist with pain management.  Mesothelioma patients find that when they work with their physicians to control the discomfort associated with the disease, they are able to maintain a positive attitude and enjoy their lives and families to the fullest extent possible. 

Many resources are available to help patients and their families cope with emotional, financial and legal issues that also accompany the disease.  Mesothelioma understandably results in stress, anxiety and a host of negative emotions for both the patient and his or her family.  It is important for everyone to acknowledge these feelings and to accept support in dealing with them.  Many organizations exist to offer support for patients or family members feeling depression, anger, anxiety, or loss of self esteem.  Some of these groups exist as online communities found on the Internet.  Local psychologists, clinical social workers, and support groups are all there to help folks sort through their feelings.  Many people often find relief through relaxation therapies such as yoga, massage therapy and acupuncture. 

Mesothelioma patients also feel additional stress related to financial concerns.  Medical bills associated with treatment for the disease are very high.  Pain medications are expensive.  Just the cost of traveling to and from treatment facilities can become a financial burden.

Many families seek the help of an attorney to assist them in obtaining the compensation they need to shoulder the financial costs associated with mesothelioma.  Often, the mesothelioma patient’s exposure to asbestos occurred on the job.  The companies and manufacturers that caused a person’s harmful exposure to asbestos are legally responsible for their negligence and willful misconduct.  By retaining a lawyer to file a legal action against those companies, patients are often able to alleviate their financial stress, which of course relieves a great deal of emotional stress as well.  That way, patients are able to spend their limited energies on their health and their families.

Attorneys are also helpful for assisting with drafting a will or a power of attorney, to ensure that the patient’s wishes are met, should communication become difficult or impossible.  Many patients also decide in favor of a Do-Not-Resuscitate Order, so as not to subject their families to unnecessary hardships.  Your lawyer can educate you and help you with all these decisions.